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Dear Supporter,

Stewardship at St Edward’s Church

Thank you for expressing interest in the life and mission of our church.

If you are already supporting St Edward’s financially, thank you! Your support is invaluable and enables us:

  • to offer Worship for and on behalf of our town six days a week,


  • to minister to people of all ages,

  • to keep our doors open to the many who seek sanctuary and peace here.

  • to celebrate our Faith with large numbers of young people through our schools, Junior Church & Youth Groups, First Communion & Confirmation Classes,


In 2024 we have three financial objectives:

  • to re-establish ourselves on a sustainable financial footing;

  • to invest in four Undergraduate or Post-graduate Choral Scholars to strengthen the outstanding work of our Choir;

  • to work on a number of essential fabric repairs, including the replacement of our elderly boiler, and invest in a more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable form of heating for our church.

I am writing to ask you to engage in a process of reviewing your giving to the church. As Anglicans, it’s recommended that we offer 5% of net income to and through the Church, with a further 5% to other charities and mission organisations. (i)

There is now an urgent need for us to review our monthly budget and re-prioritise our Giving.


There are several ways open to us, the first being the best and most helpful:


  1. The Parish Giving Scheme – provides for a monthly direct debit that ensures your church has a steady and reliable income. Click here.

  2. A One-off donation – to use ‘Give a little’, Click here.

  3. The Stewardship Scheme. For those who prefer to pay weekly through the stewardship envelope scheme, you can request a box of envelopes from our Stewardship Officer, David Hawker.

  4. Gift Aid. At no extra cost to yourself, completing a Gift Aid Form enables the church to reclaim the tax paid on your donations at the basic rate of tax from the UK Government. 

Collier Row & Romford Foodbank


Please see the link below for collection arrangements and opportunities for volunteering.

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