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St Edward the Confessor - Pipe Organ

An Organ by J.W. Walker & Sons was installed in the church in 1866 on the north side of the Choir. Before 1866 it is possible that the organ from the old church was in use. The Walker organ was rebuilt in 1905 by Henry Speechly & Sons, but by the 1970s it was in need of major reconstruction and overhaul.

​In 1978 a new organ was commissioned, once again from J.W. Walker. This instrument incorporates the best pipe work from the old organ and now stands on the west gallery where it can be heard to full advantage. This instrument was designed by the organ builders so that the west window and the casework could complement each other. The new organ was inaugurated on Easter Day 1979. However, four ranks of pipes were only ‘prepared for' and following a period of fundraising the instrument was cleaned and completed in April 1994. Work is now underway for a clean and overhaul along with the replacement of some pipework and possible electrification of the draw stop action in order to facilitate organists in both service accompaniment and recitals and to mark the 40th anniversary of the initial installation.

 The organ plays an important role in the worship and musical tradition of the St. Edward’s in accompanying and leading the singing. In addition, the instrument is a fine example of a 'mechanical action' classical organ and is often heard at its best in organ recitals and other orchestral concerts.

Organ specification:


Trumpet 8

Corno di Bassetto 16

Mixture III 1

Gemshorn 2

Principal 4

Chimney Flute 8

Salicional 8



Cymbal II 2/3

Mixture III 2

Sesquialtera II 2 2/3 + 1 3/5

Recorder 2

Flute 4

Octave 4

Stopped diapason 8

Open diapason 8



Trombone 16

Mixture IV 2 2/3

Superoctave 4

Bass Flute 8

Octave 8

Bourdon 16


Swell to Great

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal

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